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Google Ranking and SSL Certificates

Published on 7/8/2018
Russ Colburn - Cart Partners CEO

Over the past couple of weeks Google got the word out that they’re cracking down on unsecured websites on their browser. In layman‘s terms, websites that don’t have the little padlock by their URL and are HTTP rather than HTTPS.

There’s really no need to panic as an SSL certificate isn’t very expensive. Yet, depending on the size and type of business you own, installation can get complicated and timely. And because Google will be showing pop-up warnings to visitors of websites that aren't HTTPS, potentially scaring them away, not having an SSL certificate installed will eventually affect your ranking on the search engine.

The solution is to task your technical expert to research and purchase the appropriate SSL for your business, then have it installed and go on with your life. Yes it's a minor inconvenience but it will make your site more secure, and protect your customers even further, so it’s well worth the $75 and the time. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at Cart-Partners and you can find video versions of our "Minute Marketing Minute" blogs on our YouTube channel.